Who is MrMasturbate?

Im just a regular guy in my mid forties who lives in my parents basement and from there I run a PORN EMPIRE at MrMasturbate.com.

My strong addiction for porn has turned me into somewhat of an expert on porn sites and now I want to help others find these top porn sites too.

What porn sites make it to the homepage of MrMasturbate?

The answer is that only the top free porn sites with the most website traffic makes it on here.

It's the Hall Of Fame for porn sites!

If you run a porn site with millions of monthly visitors and wants to get it up at MrMasturbate.com then just hit me up.

But you better have some deep pockets as MrMasturbate does have expenses... like server cost and my girlfriends at Chaturbate.

Now let me masturbate